Richard Golian: Main work activities

Marketing & Advertising • Qualitative analysis of marketing communication • Performance marketing strategy • Marketing ROI (Return On Investments) optimization • Analysis of advertising accounts to identify errors and opportunities • Timing in advertising

My lifelong intellectual adventure

2 January 2023 The reason why I started to deal with it probably best describes my personality. It was the most difficult area I encountered at university.

The first one to speak up against Mečiar?

17th November 2019 “Unforgivable, unjustified. It can never be forgotten.” These are the comments of Fedor Gál (the leader of Verejnosť proti násiliu (Public Against Violence/ henceforth VPN)) regarding the story of my great-grandmother’s brother, Andrej Sámel.

How I became a child again

17th September 2019 I ask: “Why?” Mom answers, and I ask again: “Why?” Mommy answers: “Because it is so.” And me again: “But why is that so?” This is how it started, getting to know the world.

Volt Europa

18th March 2019 A real pan-European political party? A single program, an individual membership, one financing and one headquarters?

What do I want from the European institutions?

24th November 2018 I overheard an interesting thought following the abolishment of roaming charges: “The EU isn’t useless after all.”

I promise

26th October 2016 “I promise to properly exercise the rights and fulfil the duties of a member of the academic community of Charles University.