Richard Golian: Main work activities

By Richard Golian

Marketing & Advertising

  • Qualitative analysis of marketing communication
  • Performance marketing strategy
  • Marketing ROI (Return On Investments) optimization
  • Analysis of advertising accounts to identify errors and opportunities
  • Timing in advertising

Consultations: Experience & Understandability

  • Understandability of:
    • applications and websites
    • marketing communication


  • Phenomenology of understanding
  • Applied phenomenology

My main work activities are currently largely based on the application of phenomenology (for example in Marketing). I do a type of qualitative research that cannot be explained here in a few sentences. Like in mathematics or physics, there are no shortcuts to understanding it. For some basic idea, I deal with how things are shown to us, in other words, how we perceive or understand them.

Anyone who would like to know more about it can contact me via LinkedIn, Twitter or email