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Richard Golian

a Charles University alum, Head of Performance at Mixit s.r.o., and member of Volt Europa
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Investment Beginnings: The First €50,000 Was the Most Difficult

By Richard Golian6 July 2024 Castellano

Richard Golian Investment Beginnings

I often wonder if sharing my financial journey and investment strategies publicly is worthwhile. After all, my experiences are unique, and my methods might be challenging for many to replicate. But I'll try anyway.

Investing 50% of My Income: Seven Years of Low-Cost Living in Prague

Since 2016, the year I started college and relocated to Prague, until 2023, I've managed to invest 50% of my income in the stock market. This might lead to assumptions of a high salary, but that wasn't the reality. My working hours were constrained by my academic commitments, typically between 40 and 80 hours monthly. I only started crossing the 100-hour mark after 2021. My hourly rate was above average for Prague university students, but it wasn't extreme. The main reason for my high investment rate was maintaining a modest lifestyle while gradually increasing my work hours over seven years.

I resided in a university dormitory, cooking basic meals and rarely purchasing new clothes. My schedule was dominated by academics, work, and self-education, leaving minimal time and inclination to spend money.

Charles University: Kolej Švehlova
Year 2016. My identification card in the university dormitory.
Charles University: Kolej Švehlova
My desk in the university dormitory in 2016.
Charles University: Kolej Švehlova
View from my room in 2016. Prague 3.

After university, I lived for a while in my hometown in Slovakia, which did not represent any additional costs for me, and for a while in company accommodation, until the fall of 2023.

A Mistake: Delaying Investments Until 2022

If I could go back to 2016, I would tell my younger self one thing: start investing immediately. I saved money for years but only began investing in 2022. Time is very important when investing. I will definitely write about it in the future.

A New Phase: Investing 30% of My Income Since Autumn 2023

In the fall of 2023, I moved to a new place, which increased my living expenses. As a result, I now invest only 30% of my income. Despite this, I believe it was the right decision as it provides me with the space and environment to focus on further self-development and education, which I consider an investment in myself.

Richard Golian in Prague
View from my room in 2023. Prague 3.

In future articles, I will delve into my specific investments and the metrics I follow. By sharing my journey, I hope to offer valuable insights and inspiration.