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Richard Golian

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I feel emptiness. First impressions of generative AI

By Richard Golian25 March 2023 Castellano

ChatGPT is a good helper, but...

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to utilize so-called artificial intelligence to generate an SQL query, which would have otherwise required hours of manual effort. While it saved me a significant amount of time, it had an unintended consequence: it reduced my motivation to improve my coding skills (Read more: I Was Wrong: AI's Unexpected Role in Enhancing My Coding Skills).

In a related vein, I've been experiencing motivation challenges lately, such as when it pertains to composing content for my blog.

Furthermore, I find myself losing interest in consuming content altogether.

Fake content generated by AI

One of the reasons is the increasing difficulty in detecting fake content and misinformation. With the rise of artificial intelligence, creating realistic fake content has become easier than ever before. Nowadays, it's almost impossible to distinguish between a video of a politician saying something and a deepfake video.

How to distinguish human-generated content

Another thing that concerns me is that I can't be sure if something (for example the book) I'm reading was written by a human or a machine. You could argue that it doesn't matter. However, it does matter to me. I admire exceptional people who do extraordinary things. In a world where everything is available with a few clicks, and even better stories than Lord of the Rings can be generated by AI, I feel a sense of emptiness.

I'm afraid that most people will settle for mediocrity and won't have the drive to develop themselves spiritually and do remarkable things.

The world may appear to grow wealthier and more abundant, but not in my experience.