Richard Golian

Richard Golian

a Charles University alum, Head of Performance at Mixit s.r.o., and member of Volt Europa
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AI's Unexpected Role in Enhancing My Coding Skills

By Richard Golian14 April 2024

I Was Wrong

When I first started using ChatGPT for SQL queries, I was blown away by how it transformed hours-long tasks into mere minutes of processing. However, This staggering efficiency brought an unexpected quandary—did I still need to improve my skills if AI could outperform me so dramatically? Initially, I saw little reason to compete against such precision. Yet, this was a fundamental misunderstanding on my part. As I integrated AI more deeply into my work, I discovered its value not just in handling tasks but in significantly enhancing my coding abilities by pushing the boundaries of what I thought possible.

Exploring the Depths of SQL with AI

My real journey began when I explored SQL coding beyond the simple queries. ChatGPT became more than a tool; it became a mentor. As I tasked it with more complex queries, each solution it provided was not only a completed task but also a lesson in advanced SQL. This AI didn't just do the work—it illuminated paths I hadn't even considered, turning complex data manipulation and optimization techniques into understandable, approachable concepts.

Today, my ability to leverage advanced SQL functionalities is intricately tied to my deepened understanding of the code that AI generates. ChatGPT is instrumental in this process; it deconstructs each code line, explaining its rationale and strategy. This isn't just about following steps; it's about grasping the underlying principles that make those steps effective.

Now, as I deal with more complex queries involving elaborate conditions and data filtering that require high computational effort, ChatGPT also proves invaluable from another point of view. It optimizes code to ease server load and explains every step, helping me understand this area. This allows me to handle previously daunting complex tasks and equips me with the knowledge to instruct AI more effectively in the future.

Looking back on the path from doubt to reliance, I am amazed at how my perspective on AI has transformed. What began as a tool to expedite mundane tasks has blossomed into a crucial element of my professional development, pushing me to learn and adapt at an unprecedented pace.