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Richard Golian

a Charles University alum, Head of Performance at Mixit s.r.o., and member of Volt Europa
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Silent Strength: Even 'doing nothing' can be productive

By Richard Golian25 December 2023 Castellano

Nature Reserve Divoká Šárka
Nature Reserve Divoká Šárka, Prague

Do I enjoy socializing? Yes, without a doubt. I can be the one to bring humour and energy to a room. But staying in social mode for a long time? That's not exactly me. There comes a point when I need to withdraw and recharge my energy alone.

The life of an introvert

When I'm alone, I often dive into my passions – perhaps working on a new blog post or delving into studying or investment research. Other times, I handle the simpler things, like cooking. And then, there are moments where it looks like I'm doing nothing.

Richard Golian in Prague
View from my room, Prague

When I talk about 'doing nothing,' I'm referring to something that might be challenging for many to understand.

I will try to explain it. We don't all perceive and understand the world in the same way. Everyone has a unique way of processing experiences. For some, processing is lightning-fast; for others, like me, it requires time, solitude and quiet.

These periods of solitude, where it seems I'm 'doing nothing,' are crucial for me. They're when I come up with the ideas that have helped me most shape my professional and personal path. And that's not all.

During these times, I've conceived some of my most innovative solutions that have proven invaluable to the companies I've worked with and the projects I've been a part of.

My experience serves as an affirmation that the quiet moments we gift ourselves can become the very catalysts for our most impactful contributions to the world around us.