Richard Golian

Richard Golian

a Charles University alum, Head of Performance at Mixit s.r.o., and member of Volt Europa
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Simplicity, minimalism and productivity

By Richard Golian27 August 2023 Castellano

My name is Richard Golian. Amidst life's hustle and bustle, I've discovered that I require little. Time for personal passions and the joy of being with those who value my presence just as I value theirs.


My life's belongings might seem scant to some: a select number of books, clothing items in neutral colours, and essential tech gadgets. When it comes to meals, I like the consistency — almost every day the same breakfast and a few lunch rotations.

In short, my life is simple.


When navigating challenges, I veer towards uncomplicated solutions. Simplicity, in my experience, often yields the best results.

Clear communication

There's a tendency I've noticed where people overuse technical terms, seemingly to enhance their perceived expertise. Ironically, they often don't fully comprehend these words.

For most discussions, simplicity and clarity should reign supreme. However, having immersed myself in intricate topics like certain branches of philosophy and research methodologies, I recognise that it's not always possible to break things down easily. In those instances, admitting that a subject isn't readily summarised is okay.

Clear communication is important to me from another perspective as well. I wrote about my struggles with deciphering the unsaid. Dive in to understand more.

Simplicity is my professional North Star:

The core of my productivity

Delivering good results requires me to zero in on one maximum two tasks. At the heart of this approach is not just an aim for efficiency but a genuine understanding of what works best for me. My professional journey revolves around elevating specific performance indicators, emphasising growth and return on investment. Such clear metrics act as a compass, enabling me to channel my energies effectively and propose steps to achieve the set goal. It's essential for me that I have one task, namely to achieve a goal, and not 20 different tasks from different areas.

But this didn't emerge out of nowhere. There was a time, a chaotic phase when my life was a continuous blur filled with shifting academic and work responsibilities that left me drained and fragmented. It felt like I was constantly juggling, with no end in sight. While I admire those who can seamlessly multitask, I soon realised it wasn't my forte. Instead, a more singular, dedicated focus aligns better with my capabilities, allowing me to dive deep and produce outcomes. This shift from scattered multitasking to simplicity has been my key to unlocking a more fulfilling and effective professional life.