My lifelong intellectual adventure

By Richard Golian2 January 2023

My main work activities are currently largely based on the application of phenomenology (for example in Marketing). I do a type of qualitative research that cannot be explained here in a few sentences. Like in mathematics or physics, there are no shortcuts to understanding it. For some basic idea, I deal with how things are shown to us, in other words, how we perceive or understand them.

The reason why I started to deal with it probably best describes my personality. Phenomenology was the most difficult area I encountered at university. There are few who study it, even fewer who understand it even a little, and even fewer who apply it. It is extraordinary.

I studied and practiced it for 3 years at university and continue to do so even after that. It became a lifelong intellectual adventure for me.

I try to apply it in Marketing and Investing. Anyone who would like to know more about it can contact me via LinkedIn, Twitter or email