Richard Golian

Richard Golian

a Charles University alum, Head of Performance at Mixit s.r.o., and member of Volt Europa
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My lifelong intellectual adventure

By Richard Golian2 January 2023 Castellano Slovenčina

I apply phenomenology

Currently, my primary work activities involve applying phenomenology, particularly in the field of Performance Improvement. I conduct qualitative research that is difficult to summarize in a few sentences. Similar to mathematics or physics, understanding phenomenology requires investing time and effort. Broadly, my work focuses on how we perceive and understand the world around us. Phenomenology offers a unique perspective on examining the layers of meaning that underlie our interactions with the world, especially in areas where traditional analytical methods fall short.

My studies at Charles University

Richard Golian
Charles University

My fascination with phenomenology exposes distinct facets of my character. While attending university, I found it to be the most demanding topic to explore. Only a handful of individuals delve into it, even fewer manage to grasp its concepts to some extent, and an even smaller number apply it in practice. This makes it truly remarkable.

I dedicated three years of my university studies to studying and practicing phenomenology, and I continue to pursue it to this day.

Phenomenology in the digital age

I try to apply it in marketing, managerial decision-making, and investing. Anyone who would like to know more about it can contact me via LinkedIn, Twitter or email